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VPN in a box

We've been working on solutions to make it easier to setup and access our Services. One of our developers has built a really cool solution, and we'd like get your view on whether you think it would be useful, and something that you would be prepared to pay for (unfortunately, its not free).

What is it ? The solution is a small box (the size of a packet of cigarettes) that plugs into your modem, and then creates a wireless hotspot, that when connected to, allows you to unblock content (such as US Netflix). The box is designed to be portable , so you can put it in you pocket, and take it to work, or when you go travelling. The end point (i.e. country) can be easily configured (the end solution will probably be accompanied by an app to take care of this (so you would just switch from say US to UK to watch UK Netflix from within the app.)

The 'killer' feature with this solution is that it is undetectable by Netflix and other providers.

In order to get this into production, the cost is likely to be around $80 for the box itself (one off purchase), and a monthly subscription of around $15. This still puts it at a price point which is competitive with other VPN providers, and will give you an awesome piece of kit, and an undetectable solution.

Before we go any further with this, we'd love to get your feedback on whether this is something that would appeal to you, and if the price sounds reasonable.

Over to you.

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I'd potentially be interested if it could reach speeds of 15-20Mbps (based on my 36Mbps without VPN) to stream 4K, and devices could be connected by ethernet or WiFi.

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I would certainly be interested.  At the moment I cant use my ATV as when you try to stream Netflix from your phone it will not work.  Netflix seems to have done something to stop this.  Would the $15 a month fee be on top of the $7.99 a month?

Personally the $15 p/m price point would put me off, seeing as Netflix itself is cheaper. I'd also be worried about spending the $80 and finding that Netflix manages to block it down the track. If we could buy the box for and use our current subscription with you then that'd be a good option. I've already got it all going great to my ATV etc through the VPN client in my NAS but if I didn't have that it would be a good option to have!

The free preview is now available:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any issues (#netflix-proxy on freenode, or via support email link).

-- ab1

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