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DD-Wrt Routers

Could anyone advise if the lower priced DD-WRT routers will work on the Vanished system.  I have a router with OpenWRT firmware but cant find any details on how to configure it.  Any suggestions please.

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Hey Guys - Just circling back on this. OpenVPN is now available. DD-WRT instructions are up on the knowledge base. Feedback has been good so far. Hopefully this will solve a lot of the issues on here.

ASUS RT-N12 Wireless Router flashed with DD-WRT. As confirmed here

@Dave, what is the model and version of this router?

I spent a fair while trying to find a new cheaper DD-WRT compatible router from my wholesale suppliers and even ordered one in but it was the wrong revision when it turned up. Turned out to be a lot harder to find new than I thought. I've just managed to buy one off EBay fully compatible and pre loaded with DD-WRT for $30 inc freight. There's a few on eBay and that seems to be the cheapest option.
Hi Phil,

Thanks for the news regarding OpenVPN. If you are after testers let me know.



Thanks. I looked up the website and as you sat the site States it is strictly for V1 so I did not try it. It has openWRT on it so will leave it as is. Thanks for your comments.

Phil, thanks for the feedback. Would appreciate you keeping us up to date on the OpenVPN status.

Josh, thanks for the effort in putting the DD-WRT guide together, but do remember that a router supporting OpenWRT does not necessarily have DD-WRT support e.g. TP-LINK 842N V3.

R-c_b, you will probably brick that MR3420 V2 router if you install the V1 firmware.

Hi Guys. Just an update and some context on our side. 

VanishedVPN only launched in May this year, and since then we have come a long way, and have gained a fair amount of traction in a competitive, cut throat industry. We're a small team, but committed to improvement.

On the subject of routers, we realise that we have work to do in terms of documentation and support. We will get there, but in the meantime, we have partnered with Flashrouters, so that our customers have an option (they also provide support BTW, not just new units). I realise they are not cheap, but it is an option.

Our focus and priority has been improving and stabilising our US VPN infrastructure. You will have noticed that every other VPN and DNS provider has not had a stable, reliable solution for US Netflix. We have. Why ? Because we've invested a lot of time and cash in building a resilient solution. 

Having said all of that, I know how frustrating it can be when routers don't work. We're looking for ways to improve this. To give more options in this space, we are currently developing an OpenVPN, which I hope to have available in the next few weeks. 

Lastly, thanks for taking the initiative, and using our forums. I think this can be a really useful space for people to share ideas, but obviously it won't work unless people use it. Thanks for being early adopters.

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Thanks for suggestion. Mine is a 3420 version 2 and only the version 1 has been approved. I could try I guess and if it stuffs up it is not an expensive router.

You could re-flash from OpenWRT to DD-WRT? Then you can use the instructions I posted. :)

Thank you for your assistance. They were not able to help me either and I don't want to buy another router either especially at the prices they want. Oh well. It was worth trying.

The question is the setup of OpenWRT, not DD-WRT.

I requested a guide from VanishedVPN Support, but nothing was forthcoming.

Using OpenVPN on OpenWRT and the Vanished DD-WRT config files I have been able to setup and connect to Vanished. However, it does not work beyond this.

A request for assistance from Vanished VPN was met with they do not support OpeWRT and that I should go and buy a pre-configured router form Flashrouters. Clearly I do not want to do that as I already have a router.

Maybe someone else has better luck in getting Vanished to put a guide together for OpeWRT.

In the DD-WRT Administrative Interface, access the VPN tab found under the Services section.
Enable the PPTP Client.
In Server IP or DNS Name Enter

For MPPE Encryption, Type:
mppe required,no40,no56,stateless
Set NAT to Enable
Enter your Username and Password

Click Save


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