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Casting problems using iphone/iPad apps...

Hi, I have been a Vanished VPN customer for a couple of months now but still having a problem which is very frustrating...

I would like to be able to cast from the Hotstar app on my iPhone and/or iPad to my TV.

When I first signed up for Vanished and created a premium membership for Hotstar, I was using ios 9 on my iPhone 5s and I had limited success casting Hotstar from iPhone/iPad app to my TV. Since upgrading my iPhone to ios 10, I can cast even less of my desired Hotstar content using the iPhone/iPad app to TV!

(I also have the same issue with BBC iPlayer, and cannot get the app to cast from my iPhone or iPad to the TV).

Recently I had a technician install a new modem router, which at least has enabled me to cast from my Windows 7 PC to my TV. But I would also like to cast from my devices! 

I also recently had a technician configure and install a flash router using the VanishedVPN guides which didn't work for me either (so he took it away). If anyone can provide me with some tips or guidance to solve this problem I would be very grateful. I suspect my settings probably only need a small tweak, but unfortunately I don't know what that tweak is!      

I should mention also that I am using a second gen Chromecast, and I can cast Youtube flawlessly from my iPhone/iPad to the TV. I also have the ' TV Cast' app on my iPhone, and this app casts well also. So it appears to be a VPN settings-related issue.  

I have just joined up today and very disappointed to discover that can't stream us Netflix from phone to tv via chromecast. This is the reason I subscribed. Does anyone have a solution for this otherwise I shall be looking for a refund.
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