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Use a Raspberry Pi to run OpenVPN - Connect ATV, PS4 Xbox etc

Just wanted to share this. We've tried this in the office, and it works really well with the VanishedVPN OpenVPN config.

Once configured, what this allows yo to do is to plug the pi into your router, and then just point any device (smart TV, ATC, PS4 etc) at the pi's gateway address, and traffic will then be directed via the tunnel.

This works really well, and is a great solution for just tunnelling select devices on your network via the VPN, and leaving the rest of the house on a normal, local connection.

Sound great. I've got an original Rpi somewhere so I'll give it a go. This could be a great cheap way to set up a VPN for friends who just want to watch US Nflx. I've got a few mates who don't know enough to set up routers etc. and just want to watch US Nflx on their ATV. Is there an iOS app anywhere that can connect, disconnect, change VPN servers etc for the Rpi?

In theory, this should work on one of these too, which would be even better ($9). We've ordered one to test it.

As for the App, that should be reasonably simple. Just need to build a web page that will push the updates to the config file, and restart OpenVPN. We're already thinking about what this could look like, and how we can automate the build to make it simpler. Let us know what you think when you've had a play.

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