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It would seem the planets have aligned..

I can now confirm it's working flawlessly for me.

In router b, I had to put static dns entries into the 3 fields for local dhcp options. The third entry I put a dummy IP.

Multiple reboots, multiple leak tests and all report non AU based

It would appear that you were right Dean, router b was taking/using DNS of router (a) as a 3rd dns entry and that's what was reporting as AU based - thanks so much for the info - appreciated.

Just to confirm my setting:

ADSL > modem/router (a)  >  router (b)

modem/router (a) is for local LAN for normal stuff.

Router (b) is strictly for Vanishedvpn - both wired and wireless

Both devices are TP-Link

modem/router (a) is running stock firmware

router (b) is running dd-wrt release v3.0-30631

Can confirm both Netfix and HB0 both work very well and very fast.

buffering that used to occur (on pptp)  has also gone.

Thanks Phil and team - awesome work :-)

Sorry - forgot to add, the above is using an Apple TV of router (b)

Just out of curiosity, Ottafish, did you end up using arbitrary DNS servers in your router b, or did you add DNS servers from the US?

If they were US DNS servers, I made a mistake with one of the IP addresses I listed.  One of them didn't return a ping when I was more fine tuning my own setup, and I changed it after finding a list of OpenDNS servers by location then pinging them for ones in the US and using the ones that had the shortest response time.  That list is here and it only gives a range, so for example the San Francisco server is and what worked was 

Perhaps that will be helpful for someone.

I don't know how to set up IPv6 on my networking, which was causing a leak until I disabled it, but for those that do have a leak and for whatever reason aren't able to turn it off, there's IPv6 DNS servers on the same page. I use OpenDNS IPv6 transparent DNS for my general browsing but don't know how to add those servers, from the page, specifically, because I don't understand how the ranges work.  If someone else has a problem because of this being an issue with their hardware, its a good place to start researching in hopes that it fixes things.

One last thing to correct myself on, the Chromium browser in Linux does not in fact play Netflix.  The Google Chrome browser does and hopefully they provide a binary for your Distro if you're a person reading this with any interest.

Hi Dean,  At this stage, I'm using the default DNS of what is reported as being pushed via the server config from the log files: the 2 default Google DNS servers. They were working under pptp (pushed to my router)

I hadn't thought of using OpenDNS servers and finding the ones with the best ping times. I'll have a go tonight and swap them around and see what happens.

Regarding the IPv6, I have gone through all my devices, both networking and PC's and disabled IPv6 completly.  IPv4 I understand and can work to my advantage, but IPv6 just confuses the heck out of me 



Thanks for the reply Karl.

It sounds like you're setup doesn't really require more btw.  The Google DNS that gets pushed are transparent servers so it appears that the name resolution is pushed from the other end of the proxy.  I'd leave it how it is unless you're aiming to look into it for the benefit of other users, in which case btw you might also test out if putting a working non-Google DNS server in the third entry passes or fails a DNS test.

The truth is, now that I think of it, that I added location specific servers after the move of the system to the Vanished production server and after the updated config.opvn files.  I probably should have tested it myself before testing specific DNS servers by location. It may be irrelevant now.

Yep, Initial test shows that its working without all the location specific modification.  IPV6 still leaks so I need to disable that, but the initial problem I had with it is gone; didn't find that but Netflix still did.

I also found that dnsleaktest would not show a leak, but if I then used this one would show my AU isp. It wasn't until I filled the 3 fields for LAN dhcp/dns that the returned a non AU result.

I'm guessing it was because the tp-link/openvpn router (b) has 3 available fields available to be populated and it was populating the 3rd filed with the first router LAN ip as dns server

I'm going to re visit my option of vpn-passthru vs dmz-ing the second router to see if it makes any difference in speed and response times.

That site does a really thorough test. Thorough enough that even through the VPN it told me just now, when I chose specific VPN servers in the US, what city they were in and that it looked like a leak despite Netflix working and the other dns test site saying there was no problem.  Good find!

It makes me a bit nervous for my setup. I thought it would show google servers but it showed the OpenDNS I hit before the connection to Vanished.

These ones are what I was using:,,,

I don't know if that's of real use to anyone or not as no one has reported problems that  actually needed this.

Thanks JC. Just to be clear, in this setup, your router is ?

yes LAN interface is WAN interface is 192.168.5.xx via DHCP

Hi All, just as update:

Mostly for my curiosity than anything else..

Changed my set up from vpn-passthru to DMZ to test speed and/or performance changes.

After different tests, the difference wasn't worth reporting - tests were inconclusive, so I'm back to vpn-passthru.

Spent some time on HB0 last night and my severe buffering that was happening on pptp has vanished now on Openvpn.

All in all, it's working really well. I've decided to leave it alone now :)

Again, thanks Phil and team

Good to hear.

We're in a position now where we are soft launching this build as it appears to be stable and working well.

Has anyone tested this build on Android yet ? If so, can you provide some feedback please

I've tested the latest on a Sony Xperia Z3 compact.  It worked fine.  It wasn't working over PPTP prior to that on the same phone.

Using this app, specifically, since there are others as well:

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