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Connection to failing - - Used to work

As of today I cannor connect to the vpn. Anyone else?

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You may still be able to roll back to a previous version of windows.  Check your C drive for a folder called winold.  Of course if it is a new PC with win10 installed this is not an option.  It seems to be a microsoft issue so you could try contacting them as well.  I am pretty sure WIN10 Creator's update is giving away region information regardless of the location settings.  Not right.   I even tried setting my default region to U.S. before I rolled back and that didn't work.  Good luck.  Jeff


I believe on home editions you can't go back :( Any other option?
Fixed the problem by restoring my pc to a previous build of windows 10.  This suggests it was due to some issue within the WIN 10 Creator's update despite my turning off all location sharing options.  As this build rolls out I expect many people will lose connectivity.To restore to a previous build type recover into the windows search bar and select return to previous build from the menu. 


Maybe some windows update has made it leak again? Don't know any solution

i am having the same problem, but only on my pc's, mac's are working just fine - what is the resolution?????

It was solved then but since yesterday it doesn't seem to be working.

Yep me too, although I couldn't connect as of last night.

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same problem as of tonight.  28/10/2017


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Did you end up solving this?

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