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VPN passthrough stopped working

I setup a media server under the new TV for use as both a VPN gateway and for media file sharing. Went through set up L2TP and it works on the PC. However, with the TV plugged into the ethernet on the PC, the TV connected to the internet once for about 15 minutes and ever since it just will not connect. I redid all the connections, made sure the connection was shared and nothing. I tried connecting another device to the PC (my PS4) to see if it was the TV, and it also failed to make connection. When I turn the VPN off and share the wifi connection, everything works fine, it's just the VPN that won't work.

Hopefully someone can think of something I haven't and point me in the correct direction. I've also been having issues with horrendously slow speeds (sub 3Mbps down with 5Mbps UP on a FTTH connection that normally does 100/40).

The PC is a Gigabyte Brix Pro (I7 4770R, 1TB SSD, 16GB ram, Windows 8.1), the TV is a Sony W8000 running Android.

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