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Account Credentials

I'm just wondering if I can get some support regarding my credentials. I received an email with a username and password but no shared secret. However i looked at my account on the website and it said a different username and password. I tried all combinations of them and its still not working.

I'm not very tech savvy and after following all the instructions and watching the videos I'm still unable to connect. I keep getting the message "Authentication failed"

 please help or direct me to someone i can contact who can.

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Same issue. did you find a solution?

the shared secret is on the set up guide pages. i'm pretty sure if you're trying to set up anything from USA the shared secret is just "happiness"


I definitely had that in my shared secret but it still says authentication failed. I’ve copy and pasted multiple times as well as typing in and all my correct boxes etc are checked. :(

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Ive only renewed my subscription tonight after not using it for a couple of months and none of my devices are working either. I’ve tried using different connections as well and nothing has worked. I’m a bit annoyed because we pay for this!

jaimee, I'm having the same issue right now. I just got the vpn package and did everything correctly, but now I can't connect the vpn and get that message. If anyone has found a way around that, please let me know

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