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Hi, Over the last few days I have been trying unsuccessfully to access Hotstar premium content on both my PC (using the OpenVPN GUI) and on my devices (iPhone and iPad). Each time I have been Geo-blocked ("content not available in your region"). I have also tried with another VPN company and had the same problem. I am trying to work whether the problem is at my end, or if Hotstar has cracked down on VPN's generally. Can anyone offer some info, the EPL season is fast approaching so I'd like to sort it out before then if possible. Thanks.

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It would appear they don't like ANZ Visa Debit Cards... Any thoughts chaps? 

Oops, disregard that last sentence. Dodgy editing by me.
Ok, so I have resolved the problems in my original post. The EPL season arrived, and I was able to get the Hotstar live EPL streams and cast them to my TV. The live stream was almost flawless, barely a hint of buffering. I was thrilled to bits. Just a few short weeks later, and I decide to watch a game on Hotstar last night. For the ten minutes I watched, about nine and a half of them was spent watching that dreaded 'spinning circle'. In other words, the experience was ruined by buffering. I hadn't changed anything on my computer. So what happened? Does anyone know why this would occur? Any tech tips or tricks you could offer? Thanks in advance. Now, just a few weeks later, I tried to stream an EPL game

Just tried again, and this time Hotstar accepted the Amex card.

Not quite the same problem, but I have been bounced by Hotstar as well. They are not accepting my Qantas Amex card. The message is that the card needs to be issued by an Indian institution. 

I am trying to log in with my laptop connected through OpenVPN configured on my Asus router.

I note the log-in is slightly different to the set-up advice in that Hotstar now require you to identify which Indian state you are in as well.

Methinks Hotstar are playing hardball.

Has anyone cracked a new account recently?

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