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ASUS RT68U running Merlin won't connect to VPN

So I cannot for the life of me get my router to connect to the VPN. 

I'm using Asuswrt-Merlin firmware version 380.68 on a RT68U.

I go to VPN > VPN Client > Import .ovpn file.
I then add my username and password.
Click APPLY.

Then turn the service state to On.

If I check VPN Status it'll eventually show as Connected to the server but it won't provide my public IP address and it refuses to allow any traffic on my network to access the internet. I just get time out errors. 

I've tested the config file on Android and also OpenVPN windows software but I really need the router config to work so I can use Netflix US on the TV.

Has anyone else got this working on Merlin firmware?

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