This guide gives tips and a work around solution to sign up for premium.

Before starting, 
sign up for a VanishedVPN plan, and follow the guides to setup the sports VPN on your device, and connect.

Make sure you are connected to our Sport or India VPNs

Once connected to the VPN, visit , click on the movies tab, and pick a 'premium' title to watch.

Click on the 'start free trial' button, and sign up with your email and password.

You will then be taken to a screen to enter your credit / debit card details. If you have an Amex card, use that for the best chance of success. Some people have reported that they've been successful after a few attempts with the same card.

If you're using a debit card, make sure you click the debit card button, and choose the subscription you want (note ,there is a 7 day trial for the monthly subscription . After that the cost is 199rps = approx $3.90AUD. There is also an annual plan which looks like amazing value (999rps = $20 AUD)

If you're successful, congratulations, you can now access live HD streams for EPL, movies , HBO and much more - Enjoy.

If you're unsuccessful, there are 2 options which have been proven to work:

1) Apply for a Qantas American Express Discovery Card. Wait for it to arrive (around 1 week), then use that . This card has no annual fee, and reasonable earning requirements, so should be accessible to most people. Customers have had a 100% success rate using this card. NOTE WE ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO PROVIDE FINANCIAL ADVICE, and we are not recommending this card as a financial solution. We are simply sharing the fact that we know it works for hotstar premium sign ups.

2) There is also an option to sign up via itunes. This is a 'work around' . It will take around half an hour, and it will require you to get an Indian itunes voucher (as you'll need an itunes account in the India store with credit).

This has been tested by some customers and it works. The following is advice. Attempt at your own risk. We do not offer support for this.

You will need :

1) To setup an account in the India itunes store (video below shows you how)
2) An itunes voucher which is valid in the India itunes store (we used this seller . You can search on ebay & Amazon) Make sure your voucher is in Ruppees (we bought the RPS 799 which = approx $15AUD)

Note - Hotstar won't charge you for initial sign up. There is a 30 day free trial, so you can spend the credit on music etc if you want after you've signed up.

Once you have you voucher, follow the instructions in the video below, and you'll be setup .

When you setup iTunes India account and Hotstar make them the same email so they link automatically.

Part 1 - Create Indian itunes account

Part 2 - Sign up for Hotstar

Note - When you get to the end, you may get the 'OK' message, and then an error afterwards. If this happens, contact (or via twitter), and tell them you tried to sign up via itunes, but it failed at the end. Customers who have done this have reported that they will then fix it. Remember, you are meant to be in India to use this Service, so be creative if asked.

Link to apple id