Will this work on my Smart TV ? 

There are a number of ways to share a VPN connection from a device which supports it (Mac, PC, iphone, tablet, router ) to a device that doesn't support it (Smart TV, ATV, PS4 , Xbox etc).

The quality of the TV stream will depend on your internet connection, the site that you're viewing, and the streaming solution you choose. Unlike other providers, we don't throttle connections, so if you can normally stream other services (such as your local Netflix) in HD, you should be able to stream in HD over our VPN.

Some examples are:

Run VPN on laptop / Mac and connect to the TV via HDMI. By far the simplest if you are not technical.

Air Parrot 2

We're building more hints a tips on our knowledge base, so we suggest you search for the specific device, and go from there.

Hope this helps. We have setup guides on our knowledge base, and we're here to support you .