We've made some improvements to the USA VPN. Here's what's been released.

Improvements to the availability and reliability of Netflix & Hulu

One single server address for L2TP and PPTP. Both VPN types are available at server name usa.vanishedvpn.com 

(legacy server names will continue to work)

New Channels

 The following channels have been added to the USA VPN:

Sling TV (no need to connect to slingtv.vanishedvpn.com any more, its on the USA VPN).



**Note in order to avoid detection and deliver additional channels, there is no longer a local server in Australia, and you entry point is in the USA (meaning that the distance of the VPN is greater). PPTP is based on old technology, and will loose speed over distance. If you notice speed drop or buffering, we recommend that you switch to L2TP.


servername = usa.vanishedvpn.com

Shared secret = happiness