Unless you have downloaded it from this site, it is not advisable to manually flash a firmware on your InvizBox (we will also not support those firmware).

You can find our latest InvizBox firmware here.

Additionally, if you have downloaded the firmware from this site, read carefully the important information related to that version.

Make sure you do NOT remove the power source from your InvizBox during the upgrade process

Here are the steps to follow in order to flash a new firmware:

  • Plug your Invizbox
  • Connect to it
  • Login to the administration interface (
  • Go to the "Flash" page from the advanced / system/backup flash firmware menu
  • Check the box to keep your settings as part of the upgrade (if not, the device will revert to the factory passwords and settings)
  • Upload the firmware (choose the file you previously downloaded)
  • Click "Flash Image..."
  • In the next page, make sure the hash is identical to the one from the firmware page
  • Once on the Flashing page, do not power off the device (as stated)
  • The Invizbox will keep flashing blue until it reboots itself, it then stops flashing during reboot and starts flashing again
  • You've successfully upgraded your device (you can login and check the version on the status page)

The firmware flashing page looks like this: