There may be a situation where your VPN subscription is put on hold (for example if a payment has failed because the card on record has expired). In this scenario, you will need to update your card details. Here's how to do it.

1. Navigate to the 'my account' section of our site, and choose 'orders' from the menu. You should see the outstanding order for which the payment failed. Click on 'pay', and wait for the next screen to load (don't hit refresh).

2. When you see the 'checkout' screen, click the tick box to accept the T&Cs, and then click the red 'place order' button

3. You should now see the 'pay for order page'. Enter your new credit card details, and then hit the 'confirm and pay' button

4. Once the order has been paid for, you will need to update the payment details for future payments. Click on 'my subscriptions'. You should then see a 'change payment' button in the 'action' box. Click on this, and enter your new card details.